Getting Started

IOTA is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that allows computers in an IOTA network to transfer immutable data and value (IOTA tokens) among each other.

IOTA Basics

IOTA introduces new concepts that are essential to learn before you start using an IOTA network.

The Tangle

The Tangle is the data structure that's formed by the connections among transactions in the distributed ledger.

Client Libraries

Creating, sending, and receiving transactions requires an in-depth understanding of the IOTA protocol. The IOTA client libraries abstract the complexity of the protocol into simple functions.


The IRI (IOTA reference implementation) is open-source software that detects counterfeit transactions and stores an immutable history of all transactions.


Hub is a multi-user wallet that offers you an easy way to manage deposits and withdrawals of IOTA tokens.


Compass is an open-source implementation of the Coordinator, which is a client application that allows nodes in an IOTA network to reach a consensus.

Trinity Wallet

Trinity is a mobile and desktop application with a user interface that allows you to transfer data and IOTA tokens on the IOTA Mainnet network.


Utilities are open-source applications or programs that you can either use as they are or use to fast track the development of your own applications.

App Blueprints

Application blueprints are documents that explain how the IOTA technology can be used to solve real-world problems and to support well-defined business needs.