Seed Backup

Trinity takes care of safe seed storage on your mobile device or computer. It offers several options for making offline seed backups (or "paper wallets") that can be used in the unfortunate event that you lose access to your current device.
Your seed is like the key to a safety deposit box. Anyone who has it can access your funds, even without physical access to your device.
Use at least one of these three options to create a seed backup:

Save your seed as a SeedVault file.

Exporting a SeedVault file is the recommended way to backup your seed. SeedVault is a password encrypted file containing a seed that you can securely export, store and import back in the Trinity wallet. SeedVault uses the kdbx file format that is used also by the KeePass password manager so you can access your seed securely also in a password manager that is available on all mobile and desktop platforms.

Write your seed on a piece of paper.

Writing down the seed is a great option for most people. All you need is a pen and paper. You can download and print a blank seed template from here.
Write down your seed from left to right, top to bottom. Triple check that your seed is written down correctly.
Make sure to write down your seed's 3 digit checksum in the box below the seed. Be sure to write it separately from your seed if you use a blank piece of paper. This avoids confusion later on.

Print your seed.

This option is convenient, but potentially very unsafe. Proceed with caution if you intend to use a public or Wi-Fi printer. Never print to a PDF file, make a screenshot, or save it to another digital file format on your device. Are unsure if printing is safe? Then you are probably better off using the other options.

After you've followed atleast one of the three steps above you must do the following:

Re-enter the full seed

This step might seem tedious, but it is necessary. It ensures you that you have properly backed up your seed. You need this backup to recover your wallet, and to install it on another device.
The checksum is displayed after entering the seed. If it doesn’t match the checksum you wrote down earlier, your seed is not entered correctly.
Additional security notes:
  1. Do not screenshot your seed
  2. Think carefully about where you store your paper seed backup. Anyone who has access to your seed can take your funds.