We have built a Testnet to provide a healthy network topology and ensure successful operations. The network's nodes are open to API calls and requests, but at present we do not provide peering (TCP & UDP) to the nodes of the test network.
Access to the Testnet is provided through the following endpoints:


This is a High Availability Proxy to provide load balancing to the nodes that comprise the Testnet. This is accessible over HTTPS on port 443.

Check out the Node documentation: here
IRI documentation will be transitioned to this platform in the coming weeks.

Realtime Message Stream - ØMQ

This provides access to the Zero Message Queue of the IRI node. This provides the ability to subscribe to the Node in various ways.

Pow Box - Proof of Work service

This endpoint provides access to a means of delegating Proof of Work to a third-party. This is useful for small devices or simulations.

Check out the PowBox documentation: here