Hub use cases

The IOTA Hub is a simple tool to allow for user wallet management. The application removes the intricacies of the IOTA protocol from the development of applications dealing with tokens. While the Hub is able to manage a large number of separate user wallets, it can also be used in a number of different ways.

Scenario A

A crypto-currency exchange would like to manage the deposit and withdrawal of IOTA tokens.
The IOTA Hub would enable them to have multiple ways of handling user deposits and withdrawals. This reduces the time required for exchanges to implement IOTA wallet management into their exchange.
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Scenario B

A custodial service would like to securely manage their clients' IOTA tokens.
Not only is the Hub able to provide the service but also a hassle free way of handling separate wallets for each of their customers.

Scenario C

A company wants to receive and send IOTA tokens as a means to provide value settlement within their application.
Hub can reduce developer hours when trialing and integrating IOTA into the existing software system.